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I’ve gone to indie gamedev heaven!

by on Feb.25, 2015, under Gameplay Football

Indietopia logoDon’t worry, I’m actually very much still alive! I have, however, moved to a new working location. It’s called ‘Indietopia’, it’s located in my city, and it offers workspace for indie game developers for little money! I’m very happy to work among fellow game developers now, even if it takes a little getting used to (I have been living and working on my own since, well, forever). I’m sure this will make me happier in the long run, and get my game’s progress up to a more acceptable speed.

I’m working on a second beta, without any public deadline (initially, I wasn’t planning to release another beta, but because of the slow progress with the final version I felt people would like something to play around with in the meantime). Thanks everyone for hanging on!

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I’ve had it with deadlines

by on Dec.31, 2013, under Gameplay Football

That’s right, another deadline I’m not going to meet. The problem is I keep on tweaking the gameplay day after day, week after week, month after month, and though I wouldn’t consider that wasted time, it does mean that I never finish stuff in time. This has been going on forever, considering I started coding this game years ago.

It’s very hard to make something that is as addictive as, for example, PES 5/6, I guess that is why I find it hard to stop tweaking at some point, and deciding it’s ‘fun enough’.

Besides that, I’m having some performance problems – even on my Radeon HD 6850, it’s kinda choppy, and a solid 60FPS is, in my view, the minimum for a proper experience.

I kinda promised I would finish it, or at least another gameplay demo, by 1 Jan 2014, so I’m sorry I disappointed you guys again. Believe me when I say it stresses me out massively, so I’m done with deadlines altogether, and hereby I promise never to promise anything ever again (except for finishing this game at some point, I’m in way too deep to give up ;)).

I’m having a little déjà vu here, since I’ve been failing deadlines before, so for my own mental well-being and the community’s happiness, there won’t be another one. You’ll notice when the new demo is out, whenever that is!

Thanks for your support and a happy 2014!

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Help needed for creating league/team emblems!

by on Jun.19, 2013, under Gameplay Football

Title says it all! Get creative and create a made-up emblem for some of the game’s leagues or teams!
Here’s the forum link for more details :)

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The February development blog update

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Gameplay Football

This month, some thoughts on the Master league mode! You can find it here.

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The December development blog update

by on Dec.02, 2012, under Gameplay Football

This edition of the monthly developer blog is about offense/defense balancing, and how hard that is to get right!

ps.: I hope you like the new forums! I needed to switch because the spam was killing me (phpBB has better spam handling). If you had registered before, you need to re-register – I couldn’t convert the old database. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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The November development blog update

by on Nov.01, 2012, under Gameplay Football

Well, the title says it all: it’s the new monthly developer blog update! It may be a bit on the technical side, so let’s say this is a special geek-proof episode of the monthly dev blog ;)

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A little update + moving the deadline

by on Oct.08, 2012, under Gameplay Football

Hey everyone! The loyal regulars on the forum already noticed that I haven’t been very active there recently. I thought it would be best to explain this here, on the front page, for everyone to read :)

What it comes down to: as much as I love all the attention and questions from the regulars, it’s also giving me quite some stress. I’ve always worked on this game for myself, to make the best football game for myself to play. Suddenly, since the public beta, it’s everyone’s game! I’m not used to this pressure; suddenly, if I fail, I’m not just failing myself, but I’m failing a (small, but loyal) community.

I’m not very good with such heavy responsibility and stress, so that explains why I’ve been kind of evading my own forums recently. I’m sorry for this, and that’s why you deserve this explanation. But right now, this stress is holding back the pace of my coding, and that’s obviously not good!

Of course, it would be nice if you have a general idea of what’s going on, so I thought up a solution with which we could all be happy (I hope). Instead of replying in the various forum threads at random times, I’ll create a special forum thread in which I’ll give you updates on what I’m working on at least every 1st day of the month. Maybe I’ll reply to that thread and other threads on other times too, but that monthly update is a promise, so you can be sure you’ll stay updated :) Please don’t feel ignored if I don’t reply at other times and in other threads, but I just need the energy to code the game!

There’s another thing that I need to share with you. It’s a disappointment, but I won’t be able to make the ‘december 2012′ deadline. I guess that was a bit too optimistic.. there’s just so much coding to do. I won’t plan a new deadline, I’ll hereby switch to a ‘when it’s done’-release date. (well, there will be one absolute deadline: rest assured that this will be in 2013).

I’m very sorry about this! But it would be a shame to release a partly finished bugfest like some publishers seem to prefer :P I hope you can forgive me.

You can find the Developer Blog with the monthly updates here.


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Public beta 0.8 released for Windows and Linux

by on May.07, 2012, under Gameplay Football

A new version of the Gameplay Football public beta is available for download on the download page!

This version features improved gameplay, as well as improved goalkeepers. Also, a crash during match start on some older AMD processors has been fixed. For the complete changelog, click here.

Having problems? Try the forums!

Have fun!

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Gameplay Football public beta 0.1 released!

by on Mar.31, 2012, under Gameplay Football

Hello friends! After more than 3 years of hard work, I finally finished the first public beta of my football game. It runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Do mind that it takes quite a powerful CPU and graphics adapter to run; visit the download link for the exact specifications. Also, a gamepad is recommended (or more than 1 to play with/against friends). Remember, XBOX USB controllers are also supported!

I hope you like it, and if you do, please share, donate, or just play until your fingers turn to stone!

Without further ado, here’s the download link!

Unfortunately, the Linux version has been delayed since it showed some bad performance issues, I will have to figure that out before I want to release it.

I feel games nowadays are far too expensive, therefore the final version – that will be released later this year – will be downloadable on a ‘pay-what-you-like’-basis for the first weeks. You decide what you feel it’s worth! If this payment model turns out to be successful, i’ll keep using it!

Thanks again for all your support through the years, stay in touch!

– Bastiaan

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