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mugshot Properly Decent is a one man game studio from Groningen, the Netherlands founded_in_groningen. Its sole employee is Bastiaan Schuiling, which is the person writing this, so I have no idea why I'm talking about myself in the third person. Anyway, my mission is to create, well, properly decent games, focussed on gameplay first and foremost. I think the name of my company and my first game, Gameplay Football, kind of makes all this obvious. Oh, just one more thing; YES, I DO realise this is the most 90's looking website ever, which is deliberate, I have no regrets. I like stars. And dark backgrounds. Hey, stop looking at me like that!

Gameplay Football (DISCONTINUED! read more) is my attempt to bring back some of the charm of the era of the more 'direct' footy game. The current downloadable version is Public Beta 2, in which you can play matches against the CPU or with/against friends. Using a gamepad is highly recommended (but not mandatory). Since it's a beta, there may be bugs, but it should be pretty playable. If you encounter a game-breaking bug (crashes and such), please report this in the forums!
download_icon Public Beta 2 v0.2, Windows binary
download_icon Public Beta 2 v0.2, Linux bin. 64 bit
linux library woes - tips

System requirements:
Linux 64 bits, or Windows
OpenGL 3.2 compliant GPU
Dual core CPU or better

Release date of final version 1.0?
When it's done. I will be taking some time off from this project first, for I've been working on this for years and I need a change for a while, as well as some income. So please, don't expect 1.0 anytime soon :)

are most welcome! Game development is my fulltime job, but until I finish any game, I don't make any money on it. donate_bitcoin_QR_code So for clarity: keep in mind that you don't donate directly to the Gameplay Football project, but to me, to make a living. Of course, having more money will make me able to put more time into Gameplay Football instead of doing side projects for money :) Thanks!
Bitcoin: 13sm921oSmr4FNWZpbz1KRR9eT8U2L5H5D (or use the QR code above)